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Leading to More Customer Attention! is the marine resource. Portal for access to Uk Ports Industry that features fere information guides, reviews, tools and a 45,000 strong business search directory convering all 200 ports and harbours 950 ports b& harbours in the UK.

The UK Marine & Ports industry is worth over 2.3 trillion pounds (sign) a year to the British economy , 80% of all goods are imported through a UKPort. Is your company getting enough of this market?

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Short editorials are available. Email: for inclusion.

How do we generate business for clients?

We do this through Natural Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising with other Trade bodies , Partnerships - White Labelling our search, Consumer Email Newsletters, Listing on Key Web Directories.

Database of professionals

Since 2001 We Have Been Collating Data for Over 45,000 Registered Users We have found that the vast majority of our visitors are conscious UK consumers or Marine Professionals. 93% of our users are UK residents. The average age ranges between 25 -45, 62% male and 38% female.

Our Services

50% Introductory Offer
To assist getting your company getting new enquiries. We will pay for the bottom half of your companies entry

Service Directory
Enabling Users to Search and Find Their Marine Professions

An Interactive Community Board.

Tools and Resources
Marine Information, News and Other Resources

Company Profile Page

Page advertising your products or services for a full 12 months. Includes web links, banner advertising and stats.

Solus Emails

We limit third party emails to approximately 4 per month per database

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Consumers Database -

Marin & Portin Companies

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Marine Managers -

UK Ports Directors, Operators and Managers

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Marine Professionals -

Trademarked and registered professionals

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Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsor and e-Newsletter with banner ads, web links and logo. Search Directory Listing - Rates per Year Banner UK Ports.

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Search Engine UK Wide Coverage

A leading advert within your chosen search engine category (UK Wide)

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A fully branded listing that apears above all others listings in chosen place names

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Jump to the top of search results in your local area

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Basic Listing

Your business listing appears in it's location website advertising

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Wrap your branding (logos and colours) around a dedicated section of the website

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Add a 'Sponsored by...' logo and web link dedicated section of the website

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