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BP Exploration ltd

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Phone : 0128 366 2000
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BP Exploration is responsible for BPs worldwide upstream oil and gas activities which extend from exploration through field development and production to pipeline transportation.

For further details contact John Osborne on 0128 366 2000

Bp Norse Marine

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Phone : +44 (0) 1489 890031
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BP Norse Marine are a leading, marine services, Tug Services, Silt disposal, hopper barge, silt barge, towing, Dredging, Fendering, Marine works Contractor.

25 Years’ experience supplying Tugs, barges Towing  Dredging, Quayside works and Fendering P to the British Porting Industry.

Channel Surveys Ltd

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Phone : 07810186861
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CHANNELSURVEYS LTD is a national professional hydrographic survey company, specialising in high resolution multi beam swath and single beam bathymetric surveying. We have more than 35 years’ experience in Ports providing hydrographic surveys, dredging support/supervision, bathymetric monitoring, and remote structural inspection. In more recent years we have added above water asset capture to our available services.

We are a small busy survey company owning and operating a number of road transportable but capable coded vessels, permanently equipped with hull mounted multi beam sonar systems.  We can mobilise to site and be ready for survey at short notice. 

For further information please contact us on 07810 186861 or visit

CMS - Geotech

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Phone : +44 (0) 1502 514641
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CMS-Geotech Ltd is an independent marine geotechnical equipment hire and survey service company, specialising in seabed sampling & marine geotechnical surveys in both offshore and coastal waters supporting those working within the oil & gas markets, offshore energy, ports & harbour dredging and developments, subsea cables & pipelines and the marine aggregates & mineral mining industries.

We are a leading contractor for seabed sampling and testing services in association with dredging projects as required by MMO & CEFAS.

For further information contact David Hitchcock on +44(0)1502 514641 or visit

Coda Octopus Products Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)131 553 1380
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As specialists in the latest generation of underwater technologies, Coda Octopus Products provides innovative solutions for tasks including subsea survey, underwater construction, dredging and port security. All our systems are fully supported by a dedicated team of technical engineers providing round-the-clock technical assistance to safeguard our clients' productivity. We are proud to supply a global customer base which includes marine survey organisations, commercial equipment rental companies, port authorities, law enforcement agencies, marine contractors, navies, academic institutions and research organisations. 

As part of the Coda Octopus Group, Inc, with corporate headquarters in Lakeland, FL, USA, we have sister companies in the USA and Europe. The group's scope of capabilities also includes defence and security engineering products and counter terrorism.

For further information contact Gareth Simpson on +44 (0)131 553 1380 or visit

Dredging International (UK) Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0) 1342 323000
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Dredging International is one of the primary operating companies of the DEME Group, relying on more than 150 years of dredging experience. Thanks to its multidisciplinary capabilities and its integrated corporate structure, DEME has become a global solutions provider, developing also a whole range of new activities in the fields of marine infrastructure, energy and mining, and preparing innovative, sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s needs.

Dredging International is currently working on every continent of the globe. The company is specialised in the construction and development of harbours, artificial islands, estuarial dams, canals and inland waterways, dike construction and reinforcement, beach replenishment and coastal protection, supply of dredged aggregates and salvage activities.


Dredging International can rely on a dredging fleet consisting of more than 90 plus main vessels, backed by a broad range of auxiliary equipment.



For Further Information Contact John Hughes On +44  (0) 1342 323000+44  (0) 1342 323000 Or Visit .


Foyle & Marine Dredging

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Phone : +353872221953
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With a highly qualified and experienced management team, skilled personnel and a range of specialised plant and equipment, Foyle & Marine Dredging (formally known as Mc Cormick Transport Ltd) has gained g a reputation for quality works and value for money projects.




Marine Dredging

It is tough work but someone has to do it



Over the years we have accumulated all the equipment needed to

handle any Dredging work.




Foyle & Marine specialise in undertaking all types of marine work projects throughout the Irish and British isles. We have built up a solid track record of meeting both the project’s and client’s requirements by delivering both a broad range of challenging and alternative projects.

Pipeline Outfalls | Marine Outfall


Marine Outfall

A marine outfall is a pipeline or tunnel that discharges municipal or industrial wastewater, stormwater, combined sewer overflows, cooling water, or brine effluents from water desalination plants to the sea

Pipeline Outfalls


Pipeline Outfalls are becoming a main method of ensuring environmental

requirements are achieved.




Impalloy Ltd

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Phone : +44(0)1922 714 400
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Sacrificial Anodes for the corrosion protection of immersed steel usind aluminium and zinc alloys have been supplied worldwide by Impalloy for over 40 years.

We are situated some 20 minutes from the M6 and M6 toll, within 40 minutes of Birmingham airport, thus ideally located for UK and Export business. Currently we trade in 36 countries globally.

An investment in our fabrication capability and factory facilities has provided an unrivalled resource in the area. Manual Weld qualification to 15mm in 30mm parent materials has been complemented with robot technology for larger projects.

Sacrificial anodes are used on pipelines, platforms, subsea structures; wind turbine foundations, wave and tidal generators; quay and harbour walls, jetties, dock gates; Hulls, and water tanks; intake screens and storage tanks. In short anywhere steel is immersed in sea water, anodes will be found.

We specialise in the manufacturing of platform, bracelet and flush mounted Anodes, in sizes up to 1000Kg to the exacting standards of the offshore industry. Our long track record is proof of our expertise. 

Extensive testing using modern equipment is backed up by our DNV certification of our alloy.


For further information contact Ross Fielding on +44 (0)1922 714400 or visit 


Medway Diving Contractors Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0) 1634 829 818
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One of the oldest established commercial diving companies in the UK. Established in 1970 as an inshore/inland diving company. Our operations are carried out both nationwide and internationally.

The company is based in Rochester, Kent in the UK. Our depot is located in Chatham Dockyard on the River Medway.

Our dive teams can be supplied with mobile vans to transport dive systems to any site in the UK. In addition these dive systems can be unmounted and loaded aboard vessels for use.

We are registered with the HSE as an inshore/inland diving contractor. The firm has never been issued with a HSE improvement or prohibition notice.

We are a full member of the Association of Diving Contractors. All of our supervisor divers must complete the ADC supervisors examination.

Lloyds Register approve us as a contractor for in water shipping surveys and repairs.

For further details contact Peter Hutchinson   on +44 (0) 1634 829 818  or visit  www.medwaydiving

ML Dredging Ltd

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Phone : 02392 824210
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Dredging Contractors Portsmouth. Here at ML DREDGING we are a family run business based in Portsmouth. We specialise in capital and maintenance dredging for all aspects of the marine industry. We also provide a bespoke charter service for all of our vessels and equipment. 

We have a large range of vessels including road transportable cutter suction dredgers, modular dredging pontoons, versatile adapted backhoe dredgers and even a small dredging platform, perfect for inland waterways or locked marinas. Working in tandem with these dredgers we have self-propelled split hopper barges ranging in capacity from 60m3 up to 460m3. 

We strive to adapt our equipment to suit the diverse requirements of our customers. With an extensive heavy engineering background and our own fabrication workshop based in Portsmouth, it is easy for us to adapt our vessels and equipment to suit any needs of the dredging industry including the dredging of drop docks with extended  equipment for removal of silt from under pontoons or walkways. 

We incorporate a range of services in marine consultancy including pre and post dredge surveys, volume calculations, dredge profiles, risk assessments best methods or even just a friendly chat as well as licensing and project management.

For further information contact Joe Liney on 02392 824210 or visit


NewWaves Solutions Ltd

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Phone : +44 207 531 1904
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NewWaves Solutions Ltd is a British dredging, environmental and marine engineering solutions provider active throughout the UK & Ireland. 

NewWaves Solutions is part of the Belgian DEME Group, which has been carrying out dredging, land reclamation, marine contracting and hydraulic engineering projects worldwide for more than 140 years.  

More recently it has established itself as a leading supplier of marine and engineering services in the offshore energy industry. 

By combining the strength of the Group’s operating companies (DEME Offshore, DEC, DBM, DBE, DIMCO) under one roof, NewWaves Solutions is able to provide a single point of contact for UK-based projects. 

Innovation is in our DNA. We are continuously developing and implementing new techniques, as well as investing in state-of-the-art vessels and equipment, to best deliver our services. 

NewWaves Solutions is a full EPCI contractor able to take on the most complex and challenging project. It has a wide-ranging portfolio delivered into its key markets as shown below: 

Dredging & Land Reclamation  

Marine & Offshore Solutions - DEME Offshore  

Fluvial & Marine Aggregates - DBM Division 

Environmental Solutions - DEC Division 

Marine Infrastructure Solutions - DIMCO Division


For further information contact Will Shields General Manager on +44 (0)7780 335925 or visit




North Kent Roadstone

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Phone : 01474 330420
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Image result for Aggregate Industries Contracting


Leading Aggregate suppliers Bulk Aggregates & SEA DREDGED AGGREGATES,

(New 90 ton crane un loading to 300 tonnes an hour)



For further details visit or e-mail

Skilltrade BV

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Phone : 00 31 715611365
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Skilltrade specializes in hydrographic training and courses for the hydrographic survey, dredging and offshore construction industry since 2000. Courses and training developed by people who gained their experience in the field and taught by those same individuals. The heart of the company is that the skills its people possess can be traded or exchanged with others, thus improving their hydrographic knowledge and understanding.




Skilltrade can provide courses and training in three areas by combining theoretical with field experience material:


1.  Hydrographic Survey Category B course - Full Hydrographic Survey curriculum encompassing all basic and essential competencies of the Hydrographic Surveyor as defined by the FIG/IMO/ICA International Advisory Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors for a Category B Course. The course has been officially recognised as such on the 1st July 2008 and received continued recognition (in accordance with the Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors FIG/IHO/ICA S-5, Edition 11.1.0, December 2014) in 2016. We offer an intense course, a 13 week course in IJmuiden (including 1 week Safety training) preceded by a 13 weeks e-learning programme. The course is fully intertwined with visits, workshops and guest lecturers from companies that support the curriculum.


2.  Introductory and generals courses in hydrography, land survey, positioning and mathematics, depth sensors, motion sensors, survey sensors, underwater acoustics, offshore construction and earth sciences. Furthermore we offer a Client Representative training. Advanced courses in Geophysical sensors, ROV sensors or electronic trouble shooting. On request for a quotation these courses can be adjusted to specific training requirements and be given at any desired location.


3.  E-learning Modules: Mathematics, Physics, Bathymetry, Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Skilltrade offers guidance and assistance to the students.




Skilltrade aims to answer your training needs. The various existing modules provide a starting point for almost all company specific courses, allowing for specific requirements to be included. We evaluate participants at what level to start as a result of which we are able to tailor or combine the courses like building blocks. When people come to a stage where more management or project skills are required we are also able to provide that next level.




Furthermore Skilltrade publishes the 3 volume Handbook of Offshore Surveying and the GNSS Handbook for professional users. Please visit our bookstore at for more information.



We hope the above provides you with the required information, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to talk about what Skilltrade can do for you. By telephone Johan Stam, +31(0)646021572. Or by e-mail: .

Stena Drilling Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)1224 401180
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Stena Drilling is one of the world’s foremost independent drilling contractors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stena AB. Stena Drilling manages a global business, consisting of four ultra-Deepwater drill ships and a semi-submersible rig.

Drill ships

The company has been pioneering in drillship construction with some of the most leading-edge technologies and innovations in the drilling world, culminating with the Stena IceMAX, the world’s first dynamically positioned, dual mast ice-class drillship, meticulously designed specifically for safe and efficient operations in arctic conditions.


Stena Drilling operates two semi-submersibles; the Stena Don and Stena Spey. The Stena Spey is a conventionally moored unit; whilst Stena Don is dynamically positioned. With drilling depths of up to 25,000 ft, Stena Drilling’s fleet of semi-submersibles can operate in water depths up to 1,640 ft

For further information contact John Flynn on +44 (0)1224 401180 or visit