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3M Fall Protection

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3M Fall Protection are worldwide leaders in fall protection, safety  equipment, fall prevention and fall arrest systems.

DB Industries (DBI) manufactures innovative solutions in fall protection and industrial rescue systems. 

For the Oil & Gas Wind Energy, Utilities, Transportation & Construction Industries.


For further information contact Mike Horrocks on +44(0)1527 548000 or visit

Dabbrook Engineering Ltd

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Dabbrook specialise in the design and manufacture of Stand Alone Off Grid PV Solar Systems, Junction Boxes, and Electrical Control Systems for application in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. Reformed in 2016, Dabbrook have over 20 years experience in the PV industry, both on and offshore. Our systems can be found world wide in a range of applications from simple river monitoring stations, to the more complex offshore platform systems. Working with leading global manufacturers ensures a high quality end product tailored to suit clients


For further information contact us on 01493 809122 or visit


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ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services. With sustainability at the heart of both our services and how we operate our business, we are committed to providing a service that is consistently of the highest quality. New management & leadership development services available For further details contact Bruce Davidson on + 44 20 3206 5200 or e-mail

Forte Maritime Ltd

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Forte Maritime Ltd is a UK based Marine and Technical Consultancy lead by Stirling A. Elliott, who is a qualified Marine Engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the marine, offshore,  energy and renewables industries.


Forte Maritime offers a specialist service to clients utilising our comprehensive knowledge and experience of the industry.  Our company can draw upon a dedicated team of experienced Engineers, Marine Specialists, Project Managers, Naval Architects and HSEQ specialist who have worked in various disciplines and multiple roles. Listening, flexibility and innovation are our strengths to ensure we meet your requirements.


Forte Maritime has developed a track record in providing a comprehensive range of services to a diverse client base. Forte Maritime believes in delivering a professional and quality service which is the key to our success and customer satisfaction.



Marine Engineering


Projects &













Macduff Ship Designs Ltd

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Macduff Ship Design Ltd has risen and expanded steadily to become one of the most prolific naval architect and marine consultancies in the commercial and fishing vessel sectors. Its 6m to 50m designs are seen across the world in numerous forms; work boats, tugs, fishing vessels, ferries, pilot boats, patrol boats, dredgers, research vessels and multipurpose vessels.  

Macduff Ship Design is a company that specialises in providing bespoke, carefully tailored designs.  

At Macduff Ship Design Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of professional and technical Naval Architecture and Consultancy services to the commercial marine and fishing industries. 

For further information contact Ian Ellis on +44 (0)1261 833 825 or visit

Marsurv Marine Surveyors & Consultants

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As one of Europe's leading Professional Marine Surveyors and Consultants Our aim is to offer reliability and professionalism to our clients, achieve their specific requirements and exceed their expectations.  Our team possess a wealth of experience and technical expertise across a range of marine surveying activities for both private and commercial clients.  

We conduct surveys on vessels of all types, sizes and materials and are specialists in Houseboat, Narrowboat, Barge & RIB Surveys.

We are approved by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency Through IIMS to undertake Tonnage Surveys on vessels of up to 24 metres length for British Registration.

In addition to British Registration, we are also approved to undertake Tonnage Surveys by a number of other Red Ensign Flag States as follows:

·      Jersey – Vessels less than 24 metres length

·      Guernsey – Vessels less than 24 metres length

·      Isle of Man – Vessels less than 24 metres length

·      BVI – Vessels less than 24 metres load line length

·      Cayman Islands – Vessels less than 24 metres load line length  

·      Gibraltar – Vessels less than 24 metres length   

 For further information contact Elliot Berry on 0844 567 7709 or visit

Moffatt & Nichol

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 Moffatt & Nichol is a leading global maritime advisor specialising in the planning and design of facilities that shape our coastlines, harbours and rivers as well as an innovator in the transportation complexities associated with the movement of freight.

SEM Energy

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SEM Energy Ltd (SEM) is an environmentally conscious sustainability partner in waste and effluent water treatment. We avidly embrace and pioneer disruptive leading-edge technologies that process co-products from ‘waste’ streams and deliver innovative water treatment solutions whilst driving end user operational efficiencies and to create added value. 

We deliver port side solutions in waste reduction and water treatment to process ballast, industrial and washdown water to enable re-use or safe discharge of water. As a result, shrinking the costs and resources associated with collection, handling, storage and disposal. Our engineered solutions range from site surveys, design optimisation, solution provision and system upgrades and modifications. 

To enhance the SEM offering, our pioneering approach in combination with our strategic partner’s Proteus Multi-parameter water quality instrument, we offer the only scientifically patented technology in the world for measuring live BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). This allows for real time monitoring, improved accuracy and cost efficiency, as opposed to traditional, 5 day tests and unreliable methods of BOD measurement. 

The unique multi parameter water quality instrument can also measure a wide variety of parameters including: BOD (mg/l), COD (mg/l), Total Coliforms, Turbidity (NTU), pH, Temperature (ºC) and Conductivity (µS/cm) to name a few. The real time collection, analysis and reporting of the data allows for immediate and better, decisions to be made based on accurate data to ensure compliance and production efficiencies. An added benefit of the technology that it promotes un-manned operation which limits HSE risk to personnel.  

We know that the Ports and Harbours sector has played a critical role in the development of infrastructure and economic growth over the centuries and we want to keep it this way. Therefore, ensuring time spent at quayside is optimised for authorities, vessel owners and service providers. 

Everyone at SEM is working with purpose, towards an ideal. Individually and collectively we know we can make a positive impact on our future. This drives us to the next innovation and the next solution. 

Get in touch to see how we can help.

For further information please contact our technical sales team on +44(0)1224 900122, or visit

Shield Environmental Services Ltd

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 Shield Marine  

We work nationally and globally supporting clients on varied, often challenging projects, providing a range of services, from accommodation outfitting works to SOLAS-compliant insulation works. We can supply specialists and technical services to support your projects.


Our outfitting services:


  • Flooring-carpets, vinyls, timber and resin decks
  • Decorative cabin panel linings
  • Stainless steel installations
  • Ship and Marine insulation - including class standards, thermal/comfort/acoustic.
  • Design and installation of accommodation, supporting class standards.
  • Bespoke Exhaust insulations and Jacketing.
  • Bespoke furniture and upholstery - non-combustible or approved and certified to the IMO and MED
  • Access Scaffolding 

We offer environmental services, recycling and refurbishment of furniture and upholstery where practical. In addition, we source our labour and materials locally and sustainably through national coverage.


Part of Shield Environmental Services Ltd. 

For further details contact Dave Pearce on Tel: 01872 279904 or visit 




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We provide support services to the transport and supply chain industry. Our work is focused around four key areas; projects, standards and accreditation, training and development and auditing. We improve knowledge and skills by producing tools and guidance, delivering practical, usable information and developing and raising standards.



New for 2019, our ethical supply chain audit investigates modern slavery in the supply chain using a 105 point process. It was shortlisted for a European Supply Chain Excellence Award in 2019 and 5% of the fee goes to Anti Slavery International to support their work across the world.



We also deliver health and safety auditing, which helps to identify risk at entry and exit points, across the site and portside, while our compliance audit can assess the standards in place according to the relevant bye-laws. We also provide management training for identifying slavery, managing risk, understanding compliance and managing safety and security.


For further information contact us on +44 01825 872477or email