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Adler and Allan

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The Adler and Allan Group is a UK market leader in the provision of counter pollution services to over 90 ports, harbours and marine installations. Our services cover port and harbour oil spills, coastline oil spills, spill training, specialist spill response exercises, marine spill response consultancy and compliant waste management.  

We are now an accredited third-party Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Organisation (OSRO) for sheltered / enclosed waters, coastal & large estuary and shoreline clean-up with the International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS)

For further information contact on 0800 592 827 or visit


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Business Description




Aggreko works with port authorities across the globe to provide rental power generation and temperature control services. These help to support customers whilst assets are laying idle, so they can be quickly re-mobilised when the time comes.



1. Environmental control equipment to preserve assets



Whilst vessels are laid up, it is important for on-board assets to be kept in optimum condition, so they can be redeployed in future without excessive cost.



Aggreko can install temporary on-board temperature control equipment to prevent corrosion, condensation and freezing, caused by unwanted moisture and salt from coastal conditions.



Using a variety of heating and dehumidification equipment, the temperature and humidity of internal air spaces can be controlled. This ensures void spaces within machinery and pipelines remain dry and prevents corrosion damage and moisture absorption into electrical cables and fittings.






By creating a stable environment, our rental equipment ensures assets, such as the engine room, bridge and sensitive electronic equipment, remain in peak condition, no matter how long it takes before they are recommissioned.




2. Cost effective power



Whether hot or cold stacked, vessels will require some degree of power for tasks such as routine regular maintenance, or heating and lighting for crew. By using temporary dock side rental generators, customers can shut down their main engines or existing oversized emergency generators and improve operational and cost efficiency. As we undertake the refuelling, servicing and maintenance of our generators, customers can save additional money and manpower too.






There is a growing demand for dockyards to consider using low carbon emissions power. In such cases, gas generators can be a viable option.




3. Equipment testing prior to redeployment



If market conditions pick up, a re-mobilisation plan will be needed. As part of this process all power supplies and HVAC equipment should be load tested to ensure it functions properly when returned to full working order. The Aggreko team is experienced at providing this capability to load test the main generators, emergency generators, and any cooling systems on the vessel.






Rental solutions offer three main benefits:



Flexibility: Rental equipment can be scaled up or down with very short lead times to supply variable demands.



Wide range of equipment: Renting equipment offers the ability to change equipment, dependent on ambient temperatures or on-board power requirements.



End to end solution: Aggreko provides a complete service, from site survey, through to installation, continuous maintenance, refuelling and extraction.




If you wish to talk to us about requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)3458 24 7 365 or email

Angel Marine

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Our access to international suppliers allows us to provide a wide choice of quality galley equipment for all your catering needs.

  • Galley Ranges, Boiling Tables, Grill Toasters, Combi-Ovens, Steamers, Bratt Pans & Boiling Pans, Griddles, Deep Fat Fryers
  • Upright and Counter Refrigeration, Freezers, Blast Chillers
  • Stainless Steel Sinks, Tables, Racking, Cupboards, Bespoke Fabrication
  • Bain Maries, Hot Cupboards, Counters, Extract Canopies, Plinths & Cladding
  • Mixers, Slicers, Peelers, Toasters, Microwaves, Vegetable Preparation Machines, Bakery Equipment
  • Dishwashers (Flight, Pass Through Or Freestanding), Glasswashers, Inlet and Outlet Tabling, Waste Disposal Machines
  • Water Boilers, Coffee Machines, Milk Dispensers, Juice Extractors, Blenders, Servery Equipment


Angel Marine can supply an extensive range of marine and commercial laundry equipment;

  • Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Hydro Extractors
  • Rotary Irons, Ironing Presses & Table
  • Sinks, Racks & Storage
  • Coin Operated Appliances


Beta Marine Ltd

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Phone : +44 1452 723 492
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Our Product Specialities Are:

§  Sea Going – Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Propulsion Engines      from 10 to 150 bhp.

§  Inland Waterways – Keel Cooled Marine Propulsion Engines from 14 to 115 bhp.

§  Beta – Kubota Based Marine Generating Sets from 4 to 50 kVA.

§  Beta – Baudouin, Cummins, Perkins, Sabre, Scania or Volvo Based Marine Generating Sets from 30 to 1,000 kVA, which are available to class.


For Further Information Contact Andrew on +44(0)1452723492 or visit

Braemar Technical Services Ltd

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Braemar Technical Services Ltd is a leading international marine surveying and technical consultancy, operating from a worldwide network of offices. The company incorporates the world-renowned casualty expertise of The Salvage Association and consultancy expertise of Murray Fenton. Braemar SA are also Skuld P&I correspondents. For further details contact: Charlotte Ward on Telephone: 0203 142 4300

Conidia BioScience Ltd

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‘Diesel Bug,’ black slime or whatever your name for it, Microbial contamination can be, and is a serious issue.  Reduced levels of sulphur and increasing Bio content is leading to more cases of rapidly worn injectors, frequent filter changing and other issues.  Compliant to ASTM D 8070, FUELSTAT®Diesel Plus keeps operational assets safe by rapidly detecting Microbial growth.  With just a fuel sample, a flat, dry surface, a FUELSTAT® test kit and 15 minutes, you will have a result; right here, right now and not in several days’ time.  Test Aviation fuel on crew transfer helicopters with FUELSTAT®Resinae.

In addition FUELSTAT®Result is a simple, FREE Mobile Phone App used with the FUELSTAT®test kits, to provide the test results to your smartphone whilst generating a report to be viewed by certain registered users within YOUR organisation, providing a rapid, front to back and totally traceable audit trail within minutes.

About microbial fuel contamination - Microorganisms can enter the fuel chain at any stage. They live in the water phase and feed off fuel. By-products include biomass, sludge and acid corrosion.  Prolonged, heavy contamination is an expensive issue. The effects can be devastating for plant, vehicles, aircraft and storage tanks as contamination can cause fuel pipeline blockage or corrosion. This leads to expensive mechanical intervention and significant downtime to clean fuel tanks and ancillary equipment. Detecting and dealing with this potential problem by testing early is the efficient, cost-effective answer to managing the risk of damage from microbial contamination.  There are a number of proprietary tests on the market to determine the presence of microbial contamination, but many are laboratory-based tests or rely on culture growth and are therefore time- consuming.  FUELSTAT® would appear to be the most simple to use test available on the international market.  No special skills are required to use the test, and there is no investment needed for a reader to translate the results.

For further information contact us David Armitage on +44 (0) 1491 829102 or visit

Contract Piling Services Ld.

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As the piling industry has grown in its diversity, our skilled teams have seized the opportunity to utilise traditional piling techniques, alongside cutting edge technology, to overcome a wide variety of environmental constraints.

Our domestic and international customers have greatly benefited from the use of this technology and our innovative techniques, which have been developed over many years of planning and executing bespoke projects. In return, we continue to receive first hand operational feedback which assists new product development.

Contract Piling Services, through its comprehensive supply chain, source modern and well maintained equipment allowing us to accomplish not only standard installations/extractions, but also more unconventional projects that require specialist equipment and knowledge, as per our projects. More recently, we have completed a number of off-shore projects, further developing our sub-sea piling techniques.


CU Phosco Lighting Ltd

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CU Phosco Lighting Ltd (formerly known as Concrete Utilities) is the longest established and premier outdoor lighting group in the UK. We design and manufacture exterior lighting luminaries, floodlights, lighting columns and masts. Our lighting columns and masts range from 3 metres to 60 metres in height and can be seen on motorways, at airports, in shopping centres, housing estates and sports stadiums throughout the world. We have since 1923 led the exterior lighting market here in the UK and worldwide. From our Head Office in Hertfordshire we offer our customers a comprehensive package, from the initial consultation to the design and the final colour presentation of a CAD lighting scheme, through manufacture of the equipment to delivery and installation. As we grow, so do the choices for our customers. Our range of products; High Masts, Tubular, Octagonal, Tapered, Aluminum, Mid and Based Hinged columns are manufactured at our factories in Gloucestershire and Yorkshire. All factories are accredited by BSI against Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001. Our lighting programme "Lighting Reality" offers our customer a simple and efficient method of utilising the comprehensive range of exterior luminaries, floodlights, amenity and period lanterns that are being developed and tested at our Photometry Laboratory. Throughout the world we have supplied and installed Columns, High Masts and exterior lighting systems for all markets including Sports Stadiums, Airports, Ports, and Roads and more recently for the expanding market in Telecommunications.

For Further Information Contact Lee Sanderson on +44 (0)1920 860600 or visit



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Established in 1987 DCRS have become one of the UK’s market leaders in the hire, sales and service of voice and data two-way radio communication products & applications to clients throughout the UK and Europe. 

With technical excellence, and accreditations for quality assurance, health and safety and product support DCRS can offer exceptional client service by combining our technical and operational expertise, resources and commitment throughout your product and systems lifetime. 
In recognition of this we have been awarded the Queen’s Royal Warrant.
For further information visit or contact Becky Cleary on 0800 043 2688 .            

Direct Waste Management Ltd

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Phone : +44(0) 1779 477311
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Established in 1994, we are a family owned business that are leading the field of managing liquid wastes and sludge's through Scotland.

We provide innovative waste management solutions, excellent customer service and deliver added value with our compliance to ISO 9011:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 ensuring safety and the reduction of environmental impact.

Our guarantee is to recover as much material as legislation will allow for re-use or re-processing, thus reducing your eco footprint.

For further information contact Brenda Horne on +44(0) 1779 477311 or visit

Docking- Solutions

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Docking Solutions produces pontoons, bridges and access systems tailored to meet clients specific needs.

Emphasis is on value for money, longevity, durability and the use of recycled materials. High quality is assured by their certification to the latest ISO Standards. Pontoons and bridges can be built in modules up to 25m long typically. Pontoon joints are designed to suit environmental conditions including grounding. There is an experienced design team. Fully trained permanent fabricators and installers who work in a large undercover workshop with an integral blasting and coating facility. The site provides direct access to the River Dart for pontoons to be delivered by water as well as good vehicular access.

For further information contact Colin Bowers on 01803868555 or visit

Duwel Group

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DUWEL Group provides high quality, long life marine bearings which operate without grease or oil.  Having zero impact on the environment, they not only meet but exceed all environmental regulations whilst reducing your vessels operating costs. 

DUWEL’s business is based on building long-term relationships with our customers to become their partner, rather than “just” being another supplier.

We strive to ensure that our partners get honest and knowledgeable advice for their needs. If our products aren’t right for the application, we will say - our reputation and relationships are more important to us than individual sales. 

Partnering with DUWEL not only ensures excellent technical and environmental solutions but you can also expect a little more, something extraordinary that will exceed your expectations.

We call it “DUWEL CLASS”

Frontier Pitts

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Phone : + 44 1293 548301
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Frontier Pitts is renowned for British engineering. All equipment is designed and made to order at our UK Head Office.
European Office in Nimes, South of France – At the forefront of the European and African markets.
National and International Operations with equipment installed in more than 90 countries.
We have full project management teams at all our offices with a comprehensive customer service programme and multi lingual personnel
Asian Offices based in China & Hong Kong. Frontier Pitts are in partnership with G4S throughout the Middle East and Worldwide


 Pitts expertise is based on over 100 years’ experience. The highly respected &  well-  established product portfolios of Frontier Gates & Pitts Security Gates are the basis of  Frontier Pitts today.


Frontier Pitts is the leading British Manufacturer of Security Gates, Automatic Barrier, Road  Blockers, Rising Kerbs, Bollards, and Pedestrian Control Gates and Turnstiles.

 Frontier Pitts design, manufacturer, install, commission and then continue to maintain your  perimeter security equipment for years to follow.

 Frontier Pitts continuing, and extensive Research and Development program commenced  in 2004, producing the Frontier Pitts IWA 14 & BSI PAS 68 Anti Terra range. Frontier Pitts  first impact test was the Terra Blocker which was successfully impacted with a 6.8t  American vehicle travelling at 80kph.

 Our Platinum Range of Automatic Anti-Intruder Security Gates have proven to withstand  forcible attack and are LPS1175 Security Rated 2 & 3. Our Terra Diamond Turnstile is  LPS1175 Security Rated 3 & 4 andapproved for Government Use, please contact CPNI.

 We are on the Government Approved Suppliers List & are accredited by various other  companies nationwide.

For further information contact Sally Osmond on 01293 548301 or visit

Gems Sensors & Controls

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Phone : +44 (0)1256 320 244
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Gems Sensors & Controls is a leading manufacturer of a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, solid state electronics and fluidic systems.

Decades of application engineering experience has given Gems the knowledge required to deliver tailored products that measure up to todays sophisticated and critical applications.

Working around the world with global resources, and to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements, products from Gems Sensors & Controls are used in almost every industry sector.

For further details contact Nick Bloomfield on Tel: 01256 320244 or visit

Hempel UK Ltd

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Phone : +44 (01633) 874024
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Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier to the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets.

From windmills and bridges to hospitals, ships and homes, our coatings protect man-made structures from the corrosive forces of nature. They help prolong a structure's service life, reduce maintenance costs and, we like to think, make it more attractive.

Wherever we work, we always focus on innovative solutions and advanced production techniques. But our working method remains simple: we are curious, creative and self-critical, and always strive to create extra value for our customers.

We believe that the coatings industry can and should contribute to a better environment. So we invest in advanced waterborne products and innovative ideas to help customers cut fuel consumption, reduce emissions and hit their environmental targets.

We offer a full range of coatings and technical service to customers in the protective, marine and container industries. But we don’t just do big. We also supply low-solvent paints to homeowners so they can bring colour to their homes and we provide a full range of products for yacht owners.

In short, if you have something that needs painting, we most likely have a solution for it.


For further information contact Paul Avery on +44(01633) 874024 or visit

Hydrobag B.V

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Phone : +31 851 305 411
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Hydrobag is a company based in the Netherlands which formed in late 2018.  Hydrobag develops and produces ecological solutions and safety products.


The Leak Stop Gun is one of the products that is produced and sold by Hydrobag B.V

With the LeakStopGun we can close sudden erupted holes and leaks in a matter of seconds, with high precision and efficiency.

A must have for emergency services like Fire Department, Harbours and Police.  For on every terrain with storage tanks and on board for ships.  In short product id a do it all with closing holes.  Did a pipe burst or is a storage tank leaking?  The Leak Stop Gun is the answer to your unwanted leak!

At the moment there are 2 models of the Leak Stop Gun.  The first model is the Leak Stop Gun 150, this particular tool can close of holes for a maximum of 15 centimetres wide.  The second model is the Leak Stop Gun 400, which can close of holes for a maximum of 40 centimetres wide.  Further technical data can be found on the website or by contacting the Hydobag company contact person.

For further information contact Lelo Tibana on +31 851 305 411 or visit 


Leak Stop Gun 150      €2495.00




Leak Stop Gun 400      €3245.00




Hydroscand Ltd

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Hydroscand landed in the UK in 2002 with 2 Hydraulic & Industrial Centres and has since expanded across the country and now also have a branch in Ireland. This is just the beginning of our journey within the UK & Ireland and we are looking forward to expanding our business even further.


We shall assemble and distribute hoses and fluid connectors from a decentralised and customer orientated organisation.


To be the customer's first choice - for hose and fluid connectors.


To focus on the customer's needs and create long-term relationships. To develop the best management, knowledge, and processes. To use our core competence to strengthen our know-how, our marketing position, and the customer relations.

For further information contact Gillian Clayton on +44(0)115 978 9759 or visit






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Hydrobag is an intelligent bag, made of EPDM with a special reinforcement. Hydrobag can be layed in crawling space or other narrow spaces, and because of its flexibility it is possible to create a buffer of a few M3 on hot water. This in combination with a heat pump and/or solar panels. 

Therefore it is possible to acquire a higher efficiency with less energy in a house, office space or company hall. The hydrobag is isolated in such a matter that the warmth loss is minimal.


Leak Stop Gun

With the LeakStopGun we can close sudden erupted holes and leaks in a matter of seconds, with high precision and efficiency!


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Phone : 0844 800 9774
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 Pipeline Services includes pipeline and commissioning, cleaning, drying, and decommissioning.

Inspection Services provides in-line inspection of non-piggable pipelines and furnaces including quick scans, full assessments, pre-engineering, mechanical works and mechanical cleaning, gauging, calliper runs, inspection, reporting and consulting.

Tank Services offers complete profiling, online inspection and desludging services.

The Industrial Service Line offers nitrogen-related services including reactor cooling, nitrogen or helium leak detection, system purging, furnace cleaning and chemical cleaning.

For further information contact Christopher Meakin on 0844 800 9774details visit



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Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy efficient container handling, offering a range of cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and to heavy industry.

A global business with one of the widest portfolios in the industry, we improve the efficiency of your every move through our worldwide service network and solutions for seamless integration of terminal processes.

For further details contact Peter McCance on Tel: 0845 163 0700 or visit

MAATS Tech Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0) 1452 546 570
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MAATS TECH Ltd is a Marine Engineering Consultancy and Naval Architecture company that has been at the forefront of vessel equipment and design since 1989 The current company portfolio can be summarised in three business areas namely Naval Architecture, Finite Element Analysis and Engineering. 


Sectors: Oil & Gas, Offshore Renewables Exports: Brazil, Korea (South), Norway


For further information please contact on +44 (0) 1452 546 570 or visit

Manuplas Ltd

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Phone : +441752771740
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Manuplas manufacture and supply a range of high performance, low maintenance and lightweight vessel fendering systems, floating fenders and buoys for the worldwide marine and offshore energy markets.


Moffatt & Nichol

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Phone : +44 20 3206 1062
Website :

 Moffatt & Nichol is a leading global maritime advisor specialising in the planning and design of facilities that shape our coastlines, harbours and rivers as well as an innovator in the transportation complexities associated with the movement of freight.

Planet Ocean Limited

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Phone : +44 (0)8451 081 457
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Planet Ocean Ltd is a privately owned UK company located in central southern England and specialising in the provision of high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey and operations support. 

Planet Ocean represents some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of oceanographic and marine meteorological equipment covering a wide spectrum of disciplines including; wave profiling buoys, data buoys, meteorological systems, tide and wave recorders, turbidity systems, Flow Cytometers, Fluorometer systems, acoustic plankton and ice keel samplers, acoustic modems, acoustic monitoring systems, mooring beacons, miniature temperature & salinity recorders, fish tags, nitrate sensors, phosphate sensors, radiometers, irradiance sensors and ocean observatories, Argo floats and gliders. Planet Ocean is also engaged in the design and manufacture of bespoke systems, and data buoys.

For further information please contact Terry Sloane on 08451081457 or visit

Ships Electronic Services Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)1634 295500
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Ships Electronics Services Ltd (SES) is a market leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of maritime communication and navigation electronics. Ships Services Electronic Ltd Operating from eight strategic sites in the UK, the company has over 40 years of experience within the leisure, fishing, commercial shipping, military shipping and offshore oil industries.  

As dealer or distributor for many high quality manufacturers we have built an enviable reputation for customer service beyond expectations and are one of the few marine electronics companies to be certified to ISO 9001:2008.

For further information contact Colin Anderson on +44 (0)1324 666886 or visit

SMS (Specialised Marine Support) Ltd

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Phone : 01852 300589
Website :

Specialised Marine Support Ltd (SMS) is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited and Achilles FPAL registered company based in Scotland providing support vessels to the offshore renewables and offshore construction industries throughout Europe. All vessels are road transportable.

We can supply: 

11-14m Cabin RIBS,  

10m Open RIBS 

10m Fast Landing Craft 

Evolution 38

For further details contact Iain Hill on +44 (0)1852 300 341 or visit

Zumtobel Group

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Phone : +44 (0) 1388 420 042
Website :

We are an international lighting group and a worldwide leader and trusted name in the design and manufacture of innovative lighting solutions, luminaires, lighting management systems and lighting components for all interior and exterior applications. We can offer our customers a ‘one stop shop’ for lighting projects, providing everything from scheme design and a comprehensive range of quality products for every application, to installation and commissioning – from concept, finance support and completion.

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible cost effective and energy efficient lighting scheme and our ZGS (Zumtobel Group Services) was launched to take the project management of turnkey lighting solutions a step further and provide the ultimate service.  We can manage the entire process for you from planning and project management through to commissioning and even maintenance creating an all-in-one service package, ready to go. With our internationally established brands, Zumtobel, Thorn, Tridonic, and acdc along with Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS), the Group provides a single partner who can offer competencies in project development and management as well as actual implementation.



For further details contact Marc Sharples on


 +44 (0) 1388 420 042 / +44 (0) 7798 800 515 or visit