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Construction Industry Insights

UK Ports provide research and design best practices to all marine, civil engineering, port andmarine reclamations,comprehensive and current building codes, regulations and standards.UK Ports supports multiple projects and green initiatives.

From quality building materials, suppliers and construction equipment companies, to finance investors, naval architects and civil and marine contractors, the construction industry faces massive demands.

  • Market planners face increased risks, surplus inventory, and shrinking demand
  • Designers costs are pressured while still beingasked to reflect the latest technical innovations and industry standards
  • Builders must address changing regulations while trying to acquire funding
  • Suppliers and purchasers face volatile supply chains

UK Ports has experience, the knowledge base, tools, and expertise to help.

Where UK Ports Can Help

UK Ports has the critical experience, knowledge and intelligence to help you grow in this economic climate.

We help you:

  • Identify the most lucrative and best markets to be in and those to be out of
  • Help with leading edge research and guidance on industry best standards
  • Meeting legal, regulatory, environment and safety requirements
  • Access to building regulations/codes, construction standards, technical guidance, and building products data
  • EHS and sustainability management programmes

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