Wednesday, May 22, 2019

About UK Ports

UK Ports have made significant inroads in adhering to current environmental legislation but feel they could and should be doing much more, according to new research The ‘Green Ports’* survey of 100 port decision makers in Britain revealed that many recognise the growing importance of environmental management, with the majority (89%) of respondents stating that they already have an environmental policy in place. However, an equal number do not feel they are doing enough and have made a commitment to bolster their environmental skills base in the coming year.

The UK’s ports are vital gateways for trade and travel. Nearly 1 billion tonnes of international freight and 177 million tonnes of domestic freight moved through UK ports in 2009. Thirty-two million international passengers use UK ports each year. Another 40 million use them for domestic journeys, including river crossings. Our national economy needs a thriving ports industry.

Our Mission
UK Ports is dedicated to assist companies to navigate the UK Port Services, Marine /Port Construction,Renewables & Marine Engineering marketplace, quickly and profitably, to build long term relationships, mutually rewarding business opportunities and identify to best most cost effective & reliable supplier for each contract.

“15,000 members creating 20,000 jobs, reducing development costs by 30% and securing contracts worth £15 billion by 2018”.