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Utility Alliance Featured Editorial

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Utility Alliance is an energy brokerage set up in Hartlepool by a board of directors with more than 30 years’ experience behind them in the sector. Initially running with a team of six, the business has grown rapidly over the last three years, and now operates with a 250-strong workforce from its Hartlepool head office as well as an additional 200 staff working from bases in Newcastle and Sheffield.

An ongoing recruitment drive is expected to result in another 150 positions being filled by the end of the calendar year. With a headquarters based on the bustling Hartlepool Marina in an environment surrounded by some of the biggest names in the offshore market, Utility Alliance is well qualified to offer advice and then a competitive package on how best to utilise this highly competitive marketplace.

The business is recognised as one of the fastest growing of its kind in the utilities sector, and works alongside some of the biggest suppliers in the world to secure the best possible deals for its clients. At the end of the firm’s third financial year, turnover had broken the £20m barrier and as the business grows, a large emphasis is now placed on energy services and general management along with the traditional outbound sales operation.

Utility Alliance works with businesses of all sizes, ranging from single person operations to multi-national firms with more than one site. The largest proportion of clients fall into the SME category, with an ever-increasing list of customers across the UK. Utility Alliance ensure a company is paying as little as possible for its energy. Equipment, carbon reviews and monitoring will uncover where further savings can be made.

Validating the value of any change is fundamental and is included in a full audit report. The business partner organisations in new technology and behavioural change across an organisation. Bulk buying energy benefits all businesses. It ensures we all pay a better price for energy. The UA team has years of experience in this field and Utility Alliance is one of the first companies to make it a core offering.

Whatever point your current contract, Utility Alliance can review at no cost and with no obligation to act upon it. The company saves businesses cost whatever size and the approach suits all. In terms of energy management, mentors from Utility Alliance work with you to reduce your energy costs, consumption, demand and carbon emissions.

For most businesses, an in-house energy manager would be key to unlocking big and persistent energy savings, however, this is not usually an option for all but the largest organisations. As part of Utility Alliance’s Energy Services, energy saving targets are set at an early stage of the partnership. Using proven methodology, energy consumption/cost reductions of 10-30% are common in the first year.

Whilst energy savings are the primary goal, the energy services programme also provides a range of other features including an ongoing 24/7 energy monitoring dashboard, regular management reports, rich energy use analytics to support your business/investment decision making, verification of retrofit investments, quantification of energy savings and ongoing support from our team of Energy Mentors all form part of the service.

Benefits of Energy Monitoring from Utility Alliance:

• Year on year energy savings.
• Managed service allows your staff to concentrate on what they’re good at.
• 24/7/365 real-time energy monitoring, always-on, at your fingertips.
• Quantifiable data to enable accurate measurement of energy savings & ROI plans.
• Reduce carbon emissions year on year.
• Reduce maintenance costs & extend equipment life.
• Independent energy management reports.
• Informative monitoring reports to understand your electricity demand in detail.
• Understand how much energy you are wasting out of working hours.

For more information on Utility Alliance’s energy monitoring plans, please call 01429 727100 or email

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