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Press Announcement – Conidia Bioscience LTD / FUELSTAT RESULT 03/11/17

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Conidia Bioscience launches new FUELSTAT® Result app for instant, accurate results from fuel tests.

03 October 2017, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Conidia Bioscience, manufacturer of the FUELSTAT® testing solution for microbial contamination in fuel, has launched a new app sends instant and definitive results directly to a PC. The new app makes FUELSTAT® test results even more accurate and reliable.

The new Smart app, FUELSTAT® Result complements the company’s market-leading immunoassay test kit, FUELSTAT® Plus. FUELSTAT® result records definitive test results using the camera on a smartphone, whish removes the need for human interpretation. The result is then transmitted immediately to an excel spreadsheet, which eliminates the risk of data input errors.  The new app is a free download with the FUELSTAT® Plus test kit.

FUELSTAT® Result is the latest innovation in testing for microbial contamination in diesel and aviation fuel. Conidia Bioscience has been at the forefront of technical developments in fuel testing since 2000.

Dr. Joan Kelley, Technical Director of Conidia Bioscience said, “FUELSTAT® Result is a major step forward in fuel testing innovation. FUELSTAT® was originally designed to make fuel testing easier to encourage users to test frequently and improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. Using smartphone technology is a natural extension for the test kit. It removes any doubt around the accuracy of results as there is no need for human interpretation. As the app sends the result directly to a spreadsheet, you get a clear and accurate view of the status of your testing and can spot any potential problems before they become an operational risk.”

Client feedback has been very positive, “We have used FUELSTAT® to test for fuel contamination for years. FUELSTAT® Result gives us even more confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the tests. It removes all doubt about the result so we can avoid unscheduled downtime and the costs this inevitably incurs.”

Prolonged, heavy contamination is an expensive issue. The effects can be devastating for plant, vehicles, aircraft and storage tanks as contamination can cause fuel pipeline blockage or corrosion. This leads to expensive mechanical intervention and significant downtime to clean fuel tanks and ancillary equipment. Detecting and dealing with this potential problem by testing early is the efficient, cost-effective answer to managing the risk of damage from microbial contamination.

There are a number of proprietary tests on the market to determine the presence of microbial contamination but many are laboratory based tests or rely on culture growth and are therefore time-consuming.  FUELSTAT® would appear to be the most simple to use test available on the international market.  No special skills are required to use the test, and there is no investment needed for a reader to translate the results.

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