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Ballast Water Management – Port State Control, it’s over to you!

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With 8th September now past it means the long awaited ballast water management convention has now come into force.
The recent MEPC 71st session reminded us that from 8th September all vessels, without an approved ballast water treatment system installed on board, are required to complete ballast water exchange (BWE).
The convention states that BWE shall be conducted in sea areas at least 50nm from shore and in at least 200m water depth, or in an area designated by the port States.
So if these geographical conditions cannot be met by a vessel and hence the vessel cannot complete BWE during the voyage, then what next?
The short answer is, this will be up to Port State Control.
A recently approved circular from MEPC 71 states that any vessels that cannot conduct BWE must contact the port authority for the purpose of confirming the availability of port based treatment systems or reception facilities.
As more ports and port service companies consider the installation of ballast water treatment facilities then the utilisation of a port based treatment system may prove to be the sensible solution (for vessels unable to complete BWE).
However for ports that will not have installed a port based treatment system or a ballast water reception facility, what are the options for vessels arriving in those ports, if BWE has not occurred during the voyage?
The MEPC 71 circular states that an alternative means acceptable to the port State could be used by the ship. In addition the circular encourages cooperation between the port authority and the ship operators to “seek a best way forward to ensure the protection of the marine environment and completion of the ship’s cargo operation in a safe manner”.
Port State Control, it’s over to you!
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