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Wind Turbine Acess Masts & Towers

Houlder Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)20 7357 7317
Website :

Houlder Limited is an independent design and engineering consultancy serving the Marine, Offshore and Defence markets.Services provided range from New Ship design to Shipyard provision, Feasibility studies to Expert witness, and analysis to plan approval. Through the teams of Naval Architects, Marine and Structural engineers, CAD draughtsman and Project management functions, Bespoke solutions are produced for clients worldwide.. Houlder have developed an offshore wind Turbine Access System (TAS). to transfer personnel to support vessel's - offering significant improvements in safety , transfer ease and significant safety and comfort enhancements.Increasing the significant wave height window for personnel transfer from 1.5m to 2.0m allows for quick resets and minor turbine repairs to be undertaken on a higher proportion of North Sea work days improving turbine availability from 80% to 90% which can equate to extra annual revenue of £245k per turbine. For further details contact Mike Carter on Tel 020 7357 7317 or visit

Hutchinson Engineering Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)151 422 9990
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Hutchinson Engineering designs and fabricates high quality steelwork and structures, and operates in three distinct markets: petrol-chemicals, telecoms and renewables. Renewables: Hutchinson Engineering designs and builds wind turbine structures for turbines ranging from 5-225kW and up to 46m in height; we are the UKs leading supplier and export all over the world, with clients in UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Japan. Telecoms: We have been involved in telecoms for over 15 years, designing and manufacturing structures for all of the UK and Ireland mobile networks, and have supplied over 6000 structures; Special projects: We manufacture bespoke engineering projects like off-shore access platforms, cradles and steel accommodation modules.

For further information, please contact David Oswin on +44(0)151422 9990 or visit :

Add Energy Asset and Integrity Management

Email :
Phone : 01224 645999
Website :

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Official UK Ports Buyers List