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Coastal Marine Services Limited Insurance Specialists

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Phone : +44 (0)1245 294 111
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Coastal Marine Services is a specialist marine insurance underwriting agency, providing insurance to owners and operators of vessels up to 5,000 GT. As an approved Coverholder at Lloyd’s, our security is provided by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London.              

We provide insurance solutions as an individual or a combination package which include hull and machinery, protection and indemnity, cargo engineering and maintenance, and are tailored to cover the owner’s requirements.

For further details contact David Tiney on Tel :01245 294111 or email


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Phone : +44 20 3206 5200
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ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting services. With sustainability at the heart of both our services and how we operate our business, we are committed to providing a service that is consistently of the highest quality. New management & leadership development services available For further details contact Bruce Davidson on + 44 20 3206 5200 or e-mail

Miller Insurance Services LLP

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Phone : 0207 488 2345
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Miller is proud to hold Chartered Insurance Broker status, demonstrating our professionalism, client focused approach and commitment to excellent service standards.

Our people are trusted to do the right thing, whether that is acting with integrity, making principled decisions, or giving clients honest advice - especially when this is not the easiest option.

We are highly professional, treating clients, markets, suppliers and each other with courtesy and respect. We act in good faith and with honesty and fairness at all times. We take compliance seriously and are responsible and conscientious.

Our approach to relationships with clients and markets is thoughtful and considered and we take a mature, long-term view, providing continuity and stability. 

For further details contact Robert Bartnett on Tel: 0207 488 2345 or visit

Oval Insurance Broking

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Phone : + 44 (0) 1517 088090
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The Oval group is a leading UK risk, insurance broking, financial planning services and healthcare advisory group.

Oval Insurance Broking

Domestic and international risk management, healthcare and general commercial liability insurance broking.  Lloyds accredited insurance broker specializing in worldwide risk management for marine, energy and wind power businesses. 

Oval Financial Services

Financial planning and advice spanning corporate pension management, de-risking and change; corporate At Retirement planning; entrepreneurial SME pensions; workplace benefits; and private wealth management for high net worth individuals.

For further details contact Lee Chadwick on Tel: 0151 708 8090 or email

Skilltrade BV

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Phone : 00 31 715611365
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Skilltrade specializes in hydrographic training and courses for the hydrographic survey, dredging and offshore construction industry since 2000. Courses and training developed by people who gained their experience in the field and taught by those same individuals. The heart of the company is that the skills its people possess can be traded or exchanged with others, thus improving their hydrographic knowledge and understanding.




Skilltrade can provide courses and training in three areas by combining theoretical with field experience material:


1.  Hydrographic Survey Category B course - Full Hydrographic Survey curriculum encompassing all basic and essential competencies of the Hydrographic Surveyor as defined by the FIG/IMO/ICA International Advisory Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors for a Category B Course. The course has been officially recognised as such on the 1st July 2008 and received continued recognition (in accordance with the Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors FIG/IHO/ICA S-5, Edition 11.1.0, December 2014) in 2016. We offer an intense course, a 13 week course in IJmuiden (including 1 week Safety training) preceded by a 13 weeks e-learning programme. The course is fully intertwined with visits, workshops and guest lecturers from companies that support the curriculum.


2.  Introductory and generals courses in hydrography, land survey, positioning and mathematics, depth sensors, motion sensors, survey sensors, underwater acoustics, offshore construction and earth sciences. Furthermore we offer a Client Representative training. Advanced courses in Geophysical sensors, ROV sensors or electronic trouble shooting. On request for a quotation these courses can be adjusted to specific training requirements and be given at any desired location.


3.  E-learning Modules: Mathematics, Physics, Bathymetry, Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Skilltrade offers guidance and assistance to the students.




Skilltrade aims to answer your training needs. The various existing modules provide a starting point for almost all company specific courses, allowing for specific requirements to be included. We evaluate participants at what level to start as a result of which we are able to tailor or combine the courses like building blocks. When people come to a stage where more management or project skills are required we are also able to provide that next level.




Furthermore Skilltrade publishes the 3 volume Handbook of Offshore Surveying and the GNSS Handbook for professional users. Please visit our bookstore at for more information.



We hope the above provides you with the required information, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to talk about what Skilltrade can do for you. By telephone Johan Stam, +31(0)646021572. Or by e-mail: .

The Underwater Centre (Fort William) Ltd

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Phone : 01397 703786
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The Underwater Centre (Fort William) Ltd The Underwater Centre provide specialist training for commercial divers, ROV pilot technicians and associated support staff at their purpose built and extensive facilities in Fort William. These include a large pier which incorporates multiple dive and ROV stations, welding bays, engineering workshops and hyperbaric chambers; barges and support vessels alongside various dive stations to depths of greater than 100m; as well as a 1.5M litre indoor seawater tank. In addition to being an ideal environment in which to train, the location and facilities at The Underwater Centre make it the ideal location for subsea trials and testing, providing real-life conditions at a fraction of the cost, and operational consideration, of going offshore.

For further information please contact John Maclelland on +44(0)1397703786 or visit

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