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Fire Safety & Surveillance Systems


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 Across many sectors, Dräger Fire & Gas Detection Systems are used and deployed in industrial and business facilities, in public buildings and indeed wherever people and property have to be protected against injury or damage. We protect workplaces against both toxic and flammable gas hazards, warn against potentially dangerous leaks and provide breathing air in critical environments, buildings as well as in transportation.

Our solutions and products are developed in close cooperation with our customers. Based on the individual safety and protection goals, we support you with considerable engineering know-how and expertise and provide services that help to reduce your cost and save resources.

For further information please visit or call +44(0)1670 561 413

Eatonís Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) Ltd

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Business Description As now part of Eaton Corporation plc, Cooper Crouse-Hinds is the number one company in the field of explosion protection. Committed to technological progress, we develop and manufacture a range of products that cover all the requirements currently placed on modern, explosion-protected, electrical installation technology, including illumination, safeguarding, signaling, controlling, instrumentation and distribution of electrical energy in potentially explosive atmospheres. For more than 100 years our brand CEAG stands for innovation and safety you can trust in harsh and hazardous environments. In our production plants in Germany, England and Spain, we manufacture a wide range of products that enhance your safety and productivity. Cooper Crouse-Hinds supplies products and solutions that comply with all the latest directives and standards Ė worldwide. In addition to systems and components built to ATEX Directives and European Standards, the company also provides solutions approvals, e.g. for Eastern European countries, Russia and Kazakhstan (GOST), China and North America. Our global footprint ensures that our products can be delivered to the most remote places in the world and that you will always be supported by our local teams. Highly skilled engineers design custom made solutions that cater to your needs.


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 Kaefer has developed into a market leader for plant integrity services and solutions in Industry, Marine & Offshore and Construction. With over 28,000 employees and a large international presence, we are a true global player – there for you all over the world.

In addition to insulation, we offer access solutions, surface protection, passive fire protection & refractory as well as interior outfitting. In everything we do, the client takes centre stage and we take pride in our efficient and innovative approach to overcoming challenges and providing services and solutions.
We also pride ourselves on doing things the KAEFER way. It’s what makes us different and is seen clearly in our strong safety record, cutting-edge technical expertise and strong ethical values that guide us in everything we do. Furthermore, we’re driven by innovation and by doing things differently. We develop new and tailored solutions that benefit our clients and are frontrunners in digitalisation in our industry. We also assure quality, safety, cost-efficiency and continuous improvement with our substantial in-house expertise and fully integrated services.
Our successful track record speaks for itself. And it also serves as a testament to the strength of Carl Kaefer’s ideas, and our vision – to eliminate the energy waste.
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McMurdo is a specialist brand of marine electronic products. Our range of emergency location beacons includes EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indictating Radio Beacon), PLBs (Personal Location Beacon), SART (Search and Rescue Transponder), AIS-SART (Automatic Identification System Search and Rescue Transmitter), a NAVITEX Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon is an innovative manually activated personal safety device service which incorporates AIS and GPS technology.
When activated the Smartfind S10 transmits a unique alert signal to the vessel the individual has come from to all AIS enabled equipment within a typical 4 mile range, signalling that help is required in a man overboard or lost diver situation, McMurdo also provides a selection of navigation, tracking systems and monitoring solutions for marine systems.

Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd

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The Terberg TT183/223 series terminal tractors are 4 x 2 units designed for applications requiring extensive reversing and where a 180 degrees swivelling seat is therefore essential.

TT tractors combine the spacious cab, Ergoturn Trademark swivelling seat and rear sliding door of the RT series with the agility of the YT series. For sites with slopes and ramps you may want to consider the RT 4 x 4 series.

For further details contact Sales on Telephone +44(0)1422 257 100 or visit

Ultra Electronics Surveillance Systems

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Ultra Electonics  SurveillanceSystems is at the forefront of high-technology development, design, manufacture and installation of affordable radar processing, tracking and display systems for offshore platform protection, Coastal Surveillance and Port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) for civil and defence customers worldwide. For further details contact Henry Schaefer on Tel 01489 557 373 or visit

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