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Serco Marine

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 Serco is an international service company that improves the quality and efficiency of essential services that matter to millions of people around the world.

  Serco recognises the vital link provided between ship and berth by harbour tugs, pilot boats, crew boats and lighter barges. 

We aim to offer a range of local services to clients to meet their specific demands from the provision of tugs for berthing and un-berthing of vessels; fire fighting and oil spill responses to the supply of specialist personnel; associated port services and shore base logistics facilities.

Serco supply navigational support services to  UK Ports, Harbour Authorities & Marine ogranisations  including   Marine Buoys  and Markings.

For further details contact Iain MacLeod on  Telephone: 023 9272 7495023 9272 7495 or visit

Thomas Gunn Navigational Services Ltd

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Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd are one of the world's leading International Admiralty Chart Agents. Specialists in the supply of navigational products and associated services to the shipping industry on a worldwide basis. Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd have developed an onboard chart management system called TGNS Voyager. The Voyager software is a fully automated onboard chart management system that provides the mariner with a personalised database of charts, publications and Notices To Mariners (NTM's) organised in a convenient folio system. With Joint ventures in Canada & Latvia Thomas Gunn offers a truly global service.

WesCom Signal and Rescue UK Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0)2392 415 705
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Leading manufacturer of Comet, Pains Wessex, Oroquieta and Aurora

Pyrotechnic marine distress signals for the commercial and leisure marine


Markets. Supplying products through an extensive global distribution network.


WesCom Signal and Rescue manufactures a full range of SOLAS,


MED, USCG approved marine distress signals for the commercial


marine industry. These products are a legislated safety item and


must be carried on vessels over 300 gross tones under SOLAS rules.


 Each ship has to carry two Manoverboards on the bridge wings, four Line


 throwers and twelve parachute rockets on the bridge. Life rafts and


 life boats must contain six hand flares, four rockets and two smokes.


WesCom Signal and Rescue also sells a range of leisure and aviation


 products for distress signaling and collision warning.


Marine Distress Signals


WesCom Signal and Rescue is the leading manufacturer of pyrotechnic

Marine distress signals for the commercial and leisure marine markets

supplying products through our extensive distributor network.

For further details contact Keith Bradford on +44(0)23 92 415705 or email

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