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NDT Non-Destructive Testing

Alliance Inspection Ltd

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Alliance Inspection's Senior Management Team is based in its offices in North West UK, but the extended Alliance Team is located throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern and Southern Ireland. It also has a presence globally when teamed with other Alliance Partners. Alliance Inspection Senior Management heads up a multidisciplined team that all works in partnership to provide these services. The company prides itself in both team and client communication and believes that strength and knowledge is found in alliance.

Alliance Inspection's engineers hold a multitude of external qualifications ranging from PCN/ASNT to API/EEMUA and CSWIP. It has international welding engineers available for consultancy if required.

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Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd

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The NDT department of Minton, Treharne & Davies Ltd forms part of one of the most comprehensive independent test and inspection facilities in the UK. Its UKAS-accredited laboratories span virtually all fields, including chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, building, fuels and gases. The NDT department services both in-house and on-site clients in all disciplines for all sectors of industry, including composite inspection and laser shearography. Current approvals include CAA, Nadcap, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Airbus and Smiths (GE) Industries. Inspection tasks are undertaken by engineers qualified under all the major international schemes (SNT-TC-1A, EN 4179, EN 9712, CSWIP and NAS 410).

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MISTRAS Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of integrity and inspection services. Operating throughout the UK as MISTRAS Group Limited, we specialise in providing innovative asset integrity solutions for all projects. We also offer enhanced services that include asset monitoring, engineering services, advanced and conventional NDT.

MISTRAS is a leading “one source” global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure. Mission critical services and solutions are delivered globally and provide customers the ability to extend the useful life of their assets, improve productivity & profitability, comply with government safety and environmental regulations and enhance risk management operational decisions.

MISTRAS uniquely combines its industry-leading products and technologies – 24/7 on-line monitoring of critical assets; mechanical integrity (MI) and nondestructive testing (NDT) services; and its proprietary world class data warehousing & analysis software- to provide comprehensive and competitive products, systems and services solutions from a single source provider.

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Olympus provides an industry-leading portfolio of innovative test, measurement and imaging instruments. Leading edge testing technologies include remote visual inspection, microscopy, ultrasound, phased array, eddy current, eddy current array, X-ray fluorescence and diffraction and optical metrology. Olympus's products include ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges, videoscopes, borescopes, microscopes, in-line and advanced non-destructive testing systems, XRF and XRD analysers and a large selection of industrial scanners, probes, software programs and instrument accessories.


Olympus has a UK service facility and offers service care plans covering a range of products.


  • Remote visual inspection (endoscopes for inspecting and measuring in hard to reach areas - new developments coming very soon........)
  • NDT solutions - ultrasonic, eddy current testing for checking for corrosion, weld inspections, thickness checks..........
  • XRF - hand held analysers for material composition checks/analysis in a split second
  • Materials microscopy.

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Sparrows has over 25 years' experience in the provision of inspection services in various industrial sectors with bases strategically located worldwide providing cost-saving solutions locally. Sparrows provides a comprehensive range of inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) services to its clients with its highly skilled personnel, qualified and certificated in accordance with international certification schemes: SNT-TC-1A, PCN and CSWIP – BS EN ISO 9712.

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Stork Technical Services

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Stork Technical Services provides a comprehensive range of project and operational inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) services to clients in the international oil, gas, petrochemical and construction industries.

In the current climate where oil & gas operators are striving to extend the life expectancy of their assets and associated plant, the integrity of these assets must be assured. Stork Technical Services has invested in its wide range of conventional and advanced NDT equipment to provide this integrity assurance. Its services are delivered by highly-trained, experienced and competent personnel.

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Uniper Technologies

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With over 30 years of experience inspecting power plant, Uniper Technologies has established a high-quality NDT service based on strong technical foundations, supported by metallurgical and assessment engineers who can advise on the significance of the results on future operation.

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Xerox Digital Printing Solutions and Services.


The print industry continues its rapid transformation, fueled by shorter run lengths, increased personalisation, faster turnarounds and demanding quality.

50 trillion pages are produced worldwide today using production print technology, only 2% of which are printed digitally. The opportunity for digital print is unmistakable, as digitally-printed pages are projected to grow at a 7% CAGR from 2012 to 2016.

Xerox solutions help address all your digital printing services and multi-channel communication needs as you look to navigate a changing market to lead and delight your customers. Whether you're just getting started in digital print or are looking to transform your successful business into something more, Xerox is committed to help.

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