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Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services

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Phone : 01224 715008
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 Airpac Bukom provides air and steam solutions to well testing, maintenance pipeline dewatering and drying, product transfer, UBD, cuttings movement and LNG pipework testing markets globally.

Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services

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 The Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services (PPS) team is a leading worldwide service provider for process and pipeline pre-commissioning, maintenance and inspection applications. For more than 40 years, the team's expert staff of highly trained professionals, who are located in more than 40 bases worldwide, have responded promptly and reliably to its clients' needs. The team uses the industry's largest fleet of advanced process and pipeline technologies to effectively clean, dry, test and inspect process and pipeline systems. 

Baker Hughes PPS has introduced many ground-breaking services to the process and pipeline industry, including nitrogen/helium leak testing, foam inerting and hybrid cool-down technology for process plants. Our new gas transfer and mobile flaring services reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help global operators improve pipeline efficiency, reduce product-to-market time, reduce health, safety and environmental (HSE) risk and meet regulatory standards. 
The expert Baker Hughes team services include pipeline pre-commissioning, flooding, hydrostatic testing, cleaning, drying, and product commissioning. The group's pipeline maintenance services include in-line filtration and separation, gel pigging, chemical and mechanical cleaning, nitrogen purging, online pigging, temporary pumping packages and product transfer; and our pipeline inspection services offer caliper, inertial geometry and axial strain measurement, cathodic protection surveys, crack detection and metal loss using magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic technologies, and fit-for-purpose evaluations. Baker Hughes PPS are available to the natural gas, crude oil, refined products, and petrochemical industries in major oil producing areas across the globe. 
For further details visit  or contact James Alexander on +44(0)1224401401

Boskalis Westminster Ltd

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Phone : +44 1489 885 933
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 Founded in 1933, Boskalis Westminster is one of the most experienced dredging and marine contracting companies in the UK. With our group subsidiaries, we have the capability to undertake any type of dredging and marine construction work including

: - Coastal and seabed protection - Immersed tube tunnel construction - Offshore services - Rock and breakwater construction - Environmental projects - Marine drilling and blasting - Port and waterway engineering - Pipeline installation

Boskalis Westminster minimises response times and mobilisation costs by providing UK based vessels and support equipment, with a versatile range of plant and equipment for optimum performance and cost efficiency on any job.

For further details contact Scott Cruttenden on +441489 885933 or visit

Mainprize Offshore Ltd

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Phone : +44(0)7876457045
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Mainprize Offshore Limited (formally Mainprize Trawling Co Ltd) was formed in 1979 and has operated in the North Sea for over thirty years. During this time the company has gained extensive experience in the offshore oil, gas and renewable industry. Our main areas of operations are support work including cables - pipeline guard, chase work, pre lay grapnel operations, grab sampling and camera work, passenger and crew transfer , seabed surveys, impact surveys, traffic monitoring, TV work .


For further details contact Bob Mainprize on Telephone +44(0)7876457045 or visit

Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd

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Phone : +44 1422 257 100
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The Terberg TT183/223 series terminal tractors are 4 x 2 units designed for applications requiring extensive reversing and where a 180 degrees swivelling seat is therefore essential.

TT tractors combine the spacious cab, Ergoturn Trademark swivelling seat and rear sliding door of the RT series with the agility of the YT series. For sites with slopes and ramps you may want to consider the RT 4 x 4 series.

For further details contact Sales on Telephone +44(0)1422 257 100 or visit

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