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Port Security & Policing

Andrew Jackson Solicitors LLP

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Phone : +44 (0) 1482 325242
Website :

Admiralty Solicitors.


Andrew Jackson are a leading Maritime & Admiralty

Law firm for the Marine, Ports & Renewables industry.


For further details contact Andrew Oliver on +44(0)1482 325242 or   web site


Cyber Prism Ltd

Email :
Phone : +44 207 7873 2413
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Cyber Prism Group’s highly experienced team provides a complete range of cyber security services for Ports, Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewables:


Survey review all assets, systems and personnel

Protect – install protection against identified vulnerabilities

Respond – contain, recover from attack, restore data


Additional Services:


  •  Cyber Awareness Training, Regulations Compliance and Procedures Documentation
  •  Insurance Cover can be improved with Cyber Security Package including OT protection
  •  ProcessGuardTM proprietary technology platform protects IT & Operational Technology networks .

For further information contact Tim Parker on email visit

Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd

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Phone : +44 (0) 1474 814444
Website :


Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd is one of the largest deep sea pilotage agency in Europe.

Deep Sea provide ISO 9001:2015 quality assured pilotage services for the English Channel and North Sea waters, as well as bespoke Navigational Auditing Services (compliant with the OCIMF Tanker Management Self-Assessment programme). We provide Sea traffic management services (VTS) to the oil and gas exploration industry as well as other offshore activities.


Dreadnought Port & Maritime Security Contractors Ltd

Email :
Phone : 0151 374 2838
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Dreadnought PMSC is a flexible and dynamic private security company providing maritime security services to ports and shipping companies throughout the UK.
Dreadnought PMSC calls upon 20 years of maritime security knowledge from a mix of military and private security experience.
Based in the UK Dreadnought PMSC minimizes operational curtailment to shipping owners and operators by utilizing in house boarding teams.


For further information contact us on +44(0)151 374 2838 or visit


Email :
Phone : 07968 439289
Website :

Safeguard your reputation - flexible and cost-effective checking and identity authentication expertise.

With 400,000 checks processed and 20 years of experience held, NSL Checking are experts in their field. Using industry-leading technology and knowledgeable vetting officers, the team are able to provide government and business clients with flexible and cost-effective right to enter/stay/work services, while also providing immigration compliance and identity authentication consultancy.

NSL designs and manages places used by the public and our communities, operates a national enforcement network and provides a back-office support backbone for our clients. With 4,500 colleagues deployed from 250 bases for 150 clients, NSL is helping to serve 20 million citizens in communities across the UK.

For further information please contact Mandy Jones on +44(0)7826 534 663 or visit


Email :
Phone : 01634 471 340
Website :


Since 1991, Dynasafe BACTEC Limited (DBL) has provided a comprehensive range of arine EOD and UXO risk mitigation services - ranging from consultancy and risk assessment,to survey, investigation and clearance services.


DBL provides highly experienced personnel and specialist equipment for in-shore and off-shore marine operations worldwide.


DBL also develops specific UXO clearance services for projects such as: ports, docks and harbour developments, offshore and near shore schemes. 


Global marine projects benefiting from these specialised services include, but are not limited to, offshore wind farm projects, subsea cabling, pipe lay projects, oil, gas and mineral exploration and capital dredging works.


For situations where proactive survey or clearance is not appropriate, DBL supplies on-board, on-shore or on-call marine UXO geophysicists and UXO experts. They deal with encountered threats, and are supported with pre-prepared response plans designed to minimise delays to operations - without compromising safety.


DBL employs the latest technology, highly trained field operatives,stringent quality standards - and is accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 18001.

For further information visit contact Chas Reid on 07740 631 751.


Email :
Phone : 0151 200 1999
Website :


Techniguard is the leading manufacturer and supplier of robust portable CCTV tower systems designed to reduce the need for static Security Officers on site.


The Techniguard system is deployed in minutes and maintains a continuous 360 degree camera coverage day and night so no incident or event will ever be missed. Intruder detection enables the system to be  armed and disarmed both during working hours and none working hours as required.


In the event of an alarm activation Techniguard's Video is streamed directly through to our Arc monitoring station where our trained staff will take action, The video footage is of evidential quality and even when the system is disarmed the cameras continue to record enabling review of incidents for up to 31 days.

For further details please contact John Gibbins on 0151 200 1999 or visit

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